I am here

As a doorway to support and insights
Clairvoyant Counseling, Mediumship, Energy Healing
Skills Training

Clairvoyant & Mediumship Sessions 

As your clairvoyant reader, I will answer questions that concern you today Physically, Emotionally, Mentally or Spiritually.

As your medium
I will share messages from your Love Ones.

Mentoring Sessions
I can help you understand your metaphysical experiences and validate your strengths.

I can support you to trust yourself.

I value empowering you, to become comfortable with your innate knowing.

One session can change a lifetime of doubt.

Generational Healing
Offered to Advanced Clients
Inquire during your session


Please schedule free time after your session. Sessions can go over allotted time.

Please be hydrated!


Full SessionMini SessionSkill Package

The Skill Package is designed for deep healing, establishing confidence, and developing your innate gifts quickly so you can be powerfully you!

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Want to See What I See?
We are all so Powerful!

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What is a Session like with me?

If you know your astrology information I will peak into your transits and utilize your chart in the reading to see your strengths and present day challenges.

Previous to your reading, I will have asked the universal library and your guides to show me what needs to be seen for you. I believe we all have assistance on various spiritual levels. I wish to connect you to yours.

My sessions are healing sessions, they are more than a reading, for I work within the intention of healing, understanding, empowering, and increasing joy.

If you wish to speak with a loved one, know they often arrive with humor and attitude.

Some of My Simple Metaphysical Receipts:
Born with all “Clairs”, I am a Clairvoyant Medium

Who needed 4 College Degrees & 2 Medical Licenses to feed my curious mind, the first half of my life.

Reiki Master since 1994
Ancient Crystal Skull Shakti Sight Gift from Max 1996
Peruvian Shamanism with Condor experience Machu Picchu 1997
Toltec – Power Initiation in Quetzalcoatl by Miguel Ruiz in 2000
Studies in Sacred Geometry, Esoteric Acupuncture and Color Puncture
Ancient Europe Divine Mother Medicine
Soul and Shards Retrieval Extensive Experience
Water Carrier for Sweats within the Cherokee Lineage
Timeline and Lineage Healing Extensive Experience
Medical Qigong Instructor, and EFT Master Practitioner
A Woman who gives healing sight from a place of love and experience

See “About Wanda” for more